Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Angel

It snowed this weekend!  For many out there that's no big deal.  But here in Maryland we don't get snow very often.  In fact our winters are very odd.  Either we have snow maybe 4 times all winter with a maximum amount on the ground of 2 inches, or we have 3 feet of snow keeping us locked in our houses for days.  You just never know what you're gonna get.  This winter has been almost as mild as last year.

So even though it has snowed a couple times and we've taken Sam out on the deck for some quick snap shots, he hasn't had a real chance to play with it.  It's usually melted away by the time we go outside.  Until yesterday.

That's pretty much what we expected.  He doesn't like things that are cold.  Cold foods, cold lake water, cold wind, etc.  He's like his Momma in that cold makes him miserable.  But looky baby's first shoes!  

Of which we lost one in the yard.  Only outside for 10 minutes and we lost one of his shoes.  (We did find it)  So I guess snow, along with lots of other things, is just gonna be something he hopefully will enjoy next winter. 

Maybe next year.

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