Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Photo Catch Up

Lack of posting means things aren't too exciting over here.  Christmas is over.  New Years might as well not be a real holiday since it's just about always lame.  Our birthdays are right around the corner.  And I'm thinking about a small birthday party for the boy in February.  So lots of plans, nosing around the internet for easy/cheap ideas, and of course playing with my Pud.

Here's some highlights:

Crazy ballet legs says he's too big to bathe in the sink.

Cuddles with an honorary Aunt.  (You were right, he loved the muffins when I gave him some the next day)

That face.  That skin.  Those eyes.  I'm raising a heart breaker.

He adores this exersaucer so much!  This incredibly noisy exersaucer.

He also loves to play with MIL's walker.

Arrrgh!  Captain Sweatpants says "Gimmie all yur nilla wafers!"

"Told ya I was ready for a big boy bath!"

Every night this passed out, greasy with aquaphor, milk drunk face is the last thing I see before daddy takes him upstairs to bed.  I love it.


  1. He looks incredibly excited about the bathtub. :D

    1. Yeah. He cried at first cause it was new and he didn't understand why he was in the bathroom with us. But as soon as his butt hit the water he was excited, splashing, and laughing up a storm!