Friday, January 25, 2013

11 Months Old


He's almost there.  I am now on official countdown to my precious pigeon pea turning one year old.  I've been feeling really sad lately.  He's just as wonderful and quirky as ever, but he's becoming a big boy.  His physical abilities have been quickly developing this past month.  He's so strong.  Opinionated.  And he just LOOKS like he's no longer a baby.  I'm just glad that I've literally taken photos of him almost every day of his life so when I'm 60 I can sit down with my oatmeal and my laptop and cry the happy cry.

Yeah, like I said.  Shits been gettin real lately.

My 11 Month Old is Amazing Because. . . 
~ He can army crawl.
~ He can sit up on his own.
~ He can tumble from one end of the room to the other in seconds flat.
~ He can clap his hands.
~ He can pull up (assisted) on things.
~ He can stand (assisted) for long periods of time.
~ He can squat from a standing position and push himself back up.
~ Has the use of many words.  Mama, Dada, Kitty, Bottle, Hi, and No. (in kid speak)
~ Is learning to eat table food with much more success.  Favorites of which are blueberry pancakes and scrambled egg yolks.
~ Understands and obeys the command "No".  Dude, he obeys it!
~ Likes to put things up on the table, or into a container.  
~ Initiates peek a boo play.
~ Sleeps 11 hours every night and never needs us to come to his aid till it's time to get up for the day.
~ Loves his shape sorter toy, even if it does bring on fits of rage because he can't get it right on the first try every time.
~ I just had to give him another haircut.  That's the 3rd one, y'all.

11 Months Owl!

Update:  A trip to the Dr due to diaper rash that won't go away has revealed our Pud to now weigh 22 pounds 5 ounces!


  1. On the one hand you crack me the hell up with him not being a baby anymore. I'm only JUST struggling with identifying Del as a kid not a baby and she's over 2. lol On the other hand..I know that when Ev hit 1 was pretty much when I started going "next baby" nuts because I missed those early months of tiny lump. I'm so super looking forward to this baby but also sad because I know it will be my last tiny lump ever.

    1. Yeah, I can see your point. I think it's hitting me a little hard because it took so long (and so much anguish) to get him and he's already 11 months old! And we do want another one, and hopefully will be able to have another one. But you never know. It's harder to find fertility treatment funds now that I'm a SAHM.