Friday, September 16, 2011

12 Weeks Was 3 Weeks Ago

After looking back I see I forgot to post the ultrasound photos from the 12 week NT scan.  So no Aud, you won't have to wait till 20 weeks for more Mongo.  Behold, Mongo Destroyer of Wombs and Miracle of Science!

You can see definite baby shapes now.  But it still looks like he/she has goat legs.  You can kinda make out that his left arm is back behind his head.  Every time I look at that photo in the back of my mind I hear "What?  Just chillin in my womb.  What you gonna do about it?"  

In other baby news, I had my first visit to the new OB office last week.  I like them.  I hope this one works out.  Nothing note worthy really happened.  It was just a very long and detailed appointment since they were making sure they had everything that has happened up to this point correctly into their system.

One really great thing that came out of the OB meeting is some sleep relief.  She said I can stack pillows up to create a 45 degree incline and sleep on my back to help with the tossing and turning issue.  It has made a world of difference!  I only get up 1 to 3 times during the night instead of 5 to 9 times.  I feel so much better.  Morgan refers to my pillow stack as Mt. Oafmore.  He does not like Mt. Oafmore.  I think he is assuming that some night I am going to roll off of Mt. Oafmore and smother him with my gigantic pregnancy tits.  At least we have life insurance.

I'm nearing the end of the 15th week!  And I ordered a belly band yesterday.  So things here are chugging right along.


  1. Huh. Somehow Beth's 3 month photos look way more advanced than yours. I thought she looked a lot farther along when I saw the pictures but, you know, her doctor knows more than I do about her womb. *grin* But I could swear I could make out a bit of brain and the bladder and whatnot in her photos, which looked a lot closer to 20 weeks to me. Did you see them?

  2. I have not seen Beth's pics. You should steal them from Facebook and email them to me. :)
    I can't remember the anatomy parts they pointed out, but I do remember them doing so. Maybe she is a little further along than what they are thinking right now. I mean, they weren't trying. So it could have happened at any time. Maybe they will adjust her due date at her next appointment.

  3. Moving right along! Glad the sleep situation is better. Bring on the 2nd trimester happy juice hormones!