Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fingers Crossed

In about an hour we will be leaving for our vacation.  Just a quick 4 day getaway.  But I am a little nervous.  Why?  Because for the past couple of years it seems like my vacations are cursed.  Morgan got poison ivy, horrible and I do mean horrible weather, my uncle died, me dealing with the after effects of a miscarriage and  D&C, Morgan tore a ligament in his ankle, etc.  Can you understand why I feel a little cursed?

And then the 4 days leading up to our 4 day vacation have been. . .well. . .troublesome.  On the 1st our hotel called and left a voicemail to let us know they were cancelling our reservations.  They needed to close the hotel for repairs from the hurricane.  Not sure why they didn't let me know until 3 days before our check in.  But I scrambled and found reservations at a nice looking place, something I was worried about since this is a holiday weekend.
Then Morgan calls from the beach (vacation with his friends) to let me know he just finished burning his clothes because they took a hike in an area infested with Lyme Disease carrying deer ticks.  They didn't see the CDC warning signs until they had already spent several hours on the trail.  Go back and read that again.  Yeah.  They had to set off a bug bomb in Ryan's car to make sure they killed all the ticks.  The tiny little ticks that they could see swarming all over their legs once they stopped and bothered to look.  And let me remind you that Matt already has Lyme's Disease due to a hike they took several years ago, so he was freaking out.  Thank God for smartphones and quick internet searches so they could figure out what to do.

So wish us luck!  And nobody die.


  1. Dude, when ever we go. Vacation some old bites it around here. First our favorite neighbor, then the crazy but sweet neighbor and we are waiting to see who keels over this time. My friend's mother went into the hospital this morning...could be her. But I maintain it has to be some connected to us maybe the landscaper who was supposed to bill us and hasn't and didn't respond to my message that I owed him money is dead or something.

    Also your husband and his friend's are morons.

  2. Ignore the terrible grammar and missing words, autocomplete also deletes things sometimes.

  3. I have noticed this of autocomplete as well. It's more than a little annoying. And yes, the boys are. . .special.