Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good:
~  I'm pretty sure I am feeling baby movement!  No kicks.  Just flutters and bumps way down low.  I started having these feeling every now and then about a week or so ago.  I ignored it and kept telling myself it was too early.  But the movements have become more frequent and every so slightly stronger.  Squee!
~  We had a Back to School promotion at work.  Two $250 giftcards were the prizes, two winners.  One of those winners is my favorite customer!  He likes for us to call him Grandpa Ted, he likes to visit and talk to all the people in the mall, he is full of amazing stories.  He defected from from East Germany when he was 10, now in his 80's he is a widower, and he has been down on his luck lately.  I am so happy to see someone win the giftcard who actually NEEDS it.
~  The husband is away on a beach trip with the guys.  Which means I get to hog the tv, not watch ESPN, not have to cook, and sleep on that fluffy middle section of the bed.  Ahh, fluffy middle section.
The Bad:
~  I make lists way too often.  Not sure why I love lists so much.
~  The AC, or more accurately the whole car fan system, stopped working today.  Which means no AC, no heat, no defoggers/defrosters, and possibly no engine cooling fan.  Crap.
The Ugly:
~  Last Friday we noticed fire trucks, cop cars, rescue vehicles racing thru the neighborhood and stopping at one of the houses behind us.  We watched from our deck as people were running back and forth and shouting, but could not tell what was going on.  Today I talked to our neighbor to see if she knew what had happened.  A 4 year old drowned in the bathtub.  The kids (4 and 9) were visiting their grandma.  The 9 year old was watching the 4 year old while she took her bath.  Something happened and a 4 year old drowned.  Horrible.


  1. omg. That is horrible. But glad you are feeling little kicks! Also, I'm a horrible friend. When will we see each other?

  2. Muhaha. I think all of my friends would tell you I am a horrible friend right now. I haven't been going out much. . .for quite a while. But yes! Dinner dates are awesome and I miss you! I'm on vacation next week, maybe the week after that?

  3. Wow. 4 is pretty old to drown in a bathtub. I mean, I let Ev take baths and come and go from the room all the time during it. Unless the kid slipped and conked their head, that's kind of suspicious to me.

    YAY, quickening!!!

    DUDE. Guess who else is pregnant??? (Not me! -fingers crossed)

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. I know there is an investigation on the matter, according to my neighbor.

    First guess I would say Beth Hall? Who and when!?