Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Oh, how I miss sleep.  Sleep used to be one of my most favorite things.  Snuggles, blankets, cats at your feet, dreams of sexy plumbers, etc.  Oh, how I miss sleep.

10 & 1/2 weeks over here.  Still very early on.  I really didn't expect the discomfort to start this early.  I mean that.  I am shocked.  I can no longer sleep on my back.  I am almost to the point where I can't sleep on my tummy anymore.  So I toss from side to side all night long and stare with bad intentions at my sleeping husband.  (The other night I punched him in the shoulder and then pretended I was asleep.)

So, preggo and previously preggo ladies out there, do you have any suggestions?  I am about to break out the pregnancy body pillow and see if that helps.  But do you have other tips?  Like don't eat past ___ time. Drink ____ to help you sleep better.  Make your husband sleep elsewhere so you can spread out and claim more than 1/3 of the bed.

Suggestions would be appreciated.  Or will this early stage of sleeplessness pass?  I think that would just be wishful thinking.


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA! WELCOME TO PREGGO LAND!!! Use the body pillow. There are no other tricks. Although I never had any trouble sleeping with Del and I suspect that's because I have a pillow top mattress now versus the firmer mattress pad I had with Ev. Squishy pillow your body can sink into and still be supported by for the win!

    .... You punched M. Mehe.

  2. Well, my sleeplessness didn't kick in until the end, but I did find that the body pillow helped. My issues were more with having to pee and MAJOR heartburn (kept bottles of maalox on the bedside table to swig in the middle of the night). If you are uncomfortable, maybe try stretching a couple times throughout the day and right before bed. I'm sure there is some info in the interwebs about what stretches are good for prego ladies.

  3. Aud - yeah, I can bet your didn't have any trouble sleeping while preggo with Del. Otherwise that several week long camping trip would have been miserable!

    Elaine - I think I can put up with the sleeplessness if I don't have the horrible heartburn I have heard so many people speak of. I have a prenatal yoga DVD, perhaps I should actually open it. :)