Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day

Things that happened today, in no particular order.

1.  I had a sales meeting with an HR rep for one of the retirement villages I have been stalking.  My Crazy Ass Boss decided to come with me.  I wish she had not.  She told the HR rep features, offers, and testimonials that are wrong.  I shouldn't have to correct my boss in front of a potential client.  It's just wrong.  But in the end I think we left with a new business relationship.  So yay!

2.  The husband told me that he will get me an ipad if I gestate him a son.  I laughed and asked what I get if we are having a girl.  Nothing.  Only boy child comes with rewards.  Some day I will relay this story to our daughter.

3.  We have a problem at work, a problem from our home office.  Without going into too much detail, a key audit point is in dispute.  90% of our company is doing said audit point incorrectly.  We had a conference call (with the entire freakin company) today to discuss this problem.  Their solution?  Ummmmm.. . . .they don't have one?  Really?  They promised to think about it and maybe get us an answer by January.  Oh, but we need to be aware that auditors will be visiting properties for the next 2 months.  So many of us might fail.  Yay!

4.  It's getting hard to write this.  The husband is jealous of all the typie type and keeps reaching over to  hit random keys.  The delete button is my friend.  He wants you to know I am an oaf.


  1. You missed the quotation marks around that last sentence. :D

  2. Heheheh. Yeah, I think we all know who the real oaf in this family is.