Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mongo Is a Swimmer

We had another Dr appointment yesterday.  It was with the OB office I had the horrible 1st experience with.  I only kept the appointment because the office I plan to transfer to could not get me in fast enough.  But things went great.  Like, amazingly great.  The practice manager came in and discussed what had happened with me and apologized.  The Dr I saw is the only female Dr in the practice and she was wonderful.  The lab tech who took care of my blood draws was equally great and fun to talk to.  I wish this had been my first appointment.  I wish this had been my first impression of their office.  But too late, I am transferring to avoid having to see the dick Dr again.

They did break out that ancient ultrasound machine again.  Mongo was swimming around when they first showed him on the screen!  It was adorable.  You know, if a little oblong blob can be adorable.  Then he settled down and we did see the heartbeat and all is well.  Morgan was thrilled since this is only the 2nd ultrasound he has seen in person.

That said - lets make a comparison.

The above is the best the OB office could do with their outdated ultrasound equipment.  (Note the old GE logo in the lower right hand corner.  THAT is how old this thing is.)  Now, when Mongo was moving a little you could tell what was his head and what was his body.  In still form you can just see a blob in a bubble.  Although I think I do spy two little feet at the left side of the blob! This is at 9 weeks 1 day.

This is the ultrasound from the specialist office done 2 weeks ago.  Let me say that again.  2 weeks ago.  And look how much more definition there is to the body of the baby.  You can make out the head, what I think is the placenta, body, limb buds.  They are a little sketchy, but they are there and you can see them.  It's amazing the difference newer equipment can make.

Which leads me to another reason why I am transferring offices.  The specialist was explaining to me how using these outdated ultrasound machines can actually be dangerous because things can be missed.  She didn't go into much detail because she didn't want to scare me.  But things can be missed.  Comparing these ultrasounds really made me understand what was meant by that.

Even though the next time I see that specialist it will be for the ultrasound that measures the neck to see if the baby has Down's Syndrome, I am looking forward to it.  I look forward to having a detailed ultrasound picture of the little one when he is at a stage where he looks really human.

I swear, this is going to be the most frequently photographed kid ever at birth.  Getting this many ultrasounds is not the usual.  In that respect I guess infertility moms are a little lucky.


  1. I can see the feet, head and maybe a little arm bud (possibly the umbilical cord) in the top one too. You're being too harsh on the in-office equipment. In-office equipment is always like this. It's not meant to be detailed it's meant to reassure you that the baby is alive and well. (first dude probably just didn't bother to use it right) Pretty much no matter where you go they will send you out of the normal exam room and to an ultrasound tech with higher grade machines for more detailed images. Because those are used to make sure anatomy is developing correctly and various genetic problems aren't showing up.

  2. It's also worth noting that the second one is zoomed way the hell in and the first isn't as much.

    And-and-and! You have the benefit of having been at each and seen them and had them described to you..which always makes reading u/s easier. (I can't tell what is what on the second one at all!)

  3. PS - I had 11 ultrasounds with Ev. Apparently fat moms are lucky too. ;)

  4. Noted. The first one there was zoomed in as far as they could go. And you're right, I am being critical of them. Because that first Dr put me thru hell and I'm still not over it. Either way, I am taking the advice of the specialist.

  5. Hey, I'm not trying to deny your desire to hate the man. I still get airplane ears over the stupid bitch midwife in Baltimore.