Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week 10

Today marks the first day of my 10th week of pregnancy.  I am 1/4 of the way finished gestation.  I just finished taking my morning course of medication.  A morning routine I have had for 8 weeks, and a routine that will be ending after tomorrow.

See, as part of being an infertility momma, there are certain medications that I am still on.  The Estradiol and Prometrium I will be stopping Tuesday is very important.  It provides me with hormones that my body doesn't produce enough of.  These hormones prevent me from rejecting the baby and having a miscarriage.  But at some point in the 9th week the placenta is supposed to take over that role and begin pumping out these needed hormones.  Which is why I am due to take my last pills now.

This is not an easy thing to go thru.  I am kinda attached to the idea that I will really be a mom this time around.  I am terrified that something will go wrong.  Yes, the placenta is supposed to be doing it's job. . .but what if it's not?  My nurse from SGF has assured me that everything will be fine and that they stop everyone at this point.  But only time will tell.  I am nervous as hell.


  1. Week 12 will help calm your nerves on this...yes?

  2. Yes. . .and no. Week 12 is when I stop the Metformin. :)

    But after week 13 & 1/2 I should be calm as a cucumber.

  3. Helps with insulin resistance caused by PCOS. Some women stay on Metformin the duration of their pregnancy. But I am being told to stop at 12 weeks since I'm not showing any signs of problems in that area. Yay?