Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boom Goes the Dynamite

What a day.  What a great, fun, exciting day!  Lets make lists.  Cause I like lists.

1.  NT Ultrasound - Morgan came with me for the 12 week scan where they measure the back of the neck to check for Downs Syndrome and general anatomy.  Uncooperative baby = extra ultrasound time!  We got to watch for about 20 minutes as Mongo squirmed, kicked, and refused to roll over so they could see the back of the neck.  At one point Mongo had his arm bent back behind his head in "relax in your hammock" mode.  It was very exciting.  Mongo looks completely like a little human.  Morgan was so happy that he kept quietly reaching over to give my side little finger pokes during the ultrasound.  Everytime we saw something new an excited finger would jab me.  Oh - and everything looks fine as far as the neck measurement goes, once they finally got it.

2.  We got a call today from the state run retirement village my MIL applied to 3 years ago.  They finally have an opening!  Three years of waiting and they finally have an opening!  This is VERY good news!  She is currently playing phone tag with them, so cross your fingers for us.  This would be a definite step in the right direction for her.

3.  That earthquake thing.  Yeah, it was a big one.  I was in the middle of the mall when a loud booming noise started echoing through the entire building, followed shortly by some pretty vigorous shaking.  At first I thought our maintenance department was doing something with heavy machinery.  Didn't take long to figure out it was something else as the 2nd level bridges inside the mall were shaking and people were running towards the exits.  Plants swaying.  Things falling off shelves.  My employee was so startled that she grabbed me and held on tight till the shaking stopped.  Word spread pretty fast that it was an earthquake.  Phones didn't work, not even cell phones, but the internet still worked!  For this area a 5.8 is a huge quake.

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