Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Which His Will To Live Is Sucked Out

These photos are from a while ago, but I just found them this morning lurking in an ignored folder.  I got Lincoln another shirt.  Too bad I didn't post this yesterday on National Talk Like A Pirate Day.
A cute little pirate skull and cross bones.  I don't remember where I got it from.  It was probably CVS or The Dollar Store or something like that.  But I brought it home and promptly put it on the poor creature and watched as his life force was slowly sucked away.  He hates his shirt.  He pretty much refuses to move when he is wearing it.  Which is also fun to take advantage of.

Poor Lincoln.  But don't worry.  I only made him wear it for about 15 minutes and then the sad little eyes were too much for me to take.


  1. That's my baby! Morgan keeps saying that his world is going to come crashing down when this human baby is born and Lincoln is no longer #1. Poor Lincoln indeed.

  2. Oh my god that is awesome! I would put that on him and brush his teeth, and trim his nails......and then paint them!

  3. Then I really do think he would die. Although we do still have some Soft Paw blue nail caps that we could put on him. Hmmmm. . . .no. And BTW - I never did see a picture of Mew after the hair trim.