Sunday, October 9, 2011

MIL is Moved, plus some random stuff

Her new place is much nicer than what she had described it as.  Yes, it is much smaller than her old place.  But it's nicer than any apartment I lived by myself at.
New and improved features include a handicap shower.  No more struggling to get in and out of the shower over the edge of a tub.  No more hurting her leg or risking a fall just to be able to do something we take for granted.
As expected, we had some issues getting her moved.  She was exhausted and moody.  But luckily we had a small army of Aunt's and Uncle's to help.  Thanks to them the entire move from picking up the U-haul to dropping it off later was only a span of 5 hours.  And she happily kicked us all out of her new place so she could go pass out.  So far so good.  We didn't loose any cats and her neighbors seem nice.

Now On To The Random Stuff

You know you're pregnant when in the early morning hours your loving husband offers to make you anything you want for breakfast and you ask him to reheat the leftover Chili Lime Hot Wings from Hard Times Cafe.  God it was good.

Speaking of pregnancy - I had my first really strong baby movement Saturday night.  It shocked me how much stronger that little bump was than anything else I have felt.  I laughed, but I was so grossed out by it at the same time.
And I end with a tiny apple.  Our grocery store was selling these, pictured next to a quarter for size comparison, and I simply could not resist the cute!

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