Monday, October 17, 2011

Strasburg Railroad Trip

The annual scenic train ride was this Sunday in Strasburg, Pa.  Amish country.  The land of horse poop and butter churns.  Also the home of this old steam engine and restored passenger cars.
It was a quick 45 minute ride past farms, pumpkin patches, and a park.  Just long enough for the boys to enjoy a drink and for Karen and I to trade cameras for couples shots.  Speaking of which - Yes, Morgan is wearing a Hamburglar t-shirt and I broke out my maternity Halloween shirt early.  Deal with it.  (actually people were stopping me all day to ask about the shirt and take pictures.  Mehe)
I now have a new appreciation for steam engines and the power that is required to move them.  Too bad my camera batteries were crapping out when they first started it.  It was pretty impressive.  But I did manage to get a few seconds of video.

One train ride isn't good enough for boys with gin in them.  So yeah.  This happened.

They also have a really nice train museum which we enjoyed going through.  I'll skip the mind numbing detail and just say they have lots of trains.  And model trains.  And a train yard to walk around looking at old, rusting retired trains.

But no pooping in the retired trains!

Then it was off to The Amish Village.  Which essentially was a tourist trap with sad, sad little animals.  Lets ignore that and look at the gayness.
Love these boys.


  1. No, no, no - I need a straight on and a side view of you in the shirt. Okay, the side view doesn't have to be in the shirt. I WANNA SEE THE BELLY!!!

  2. Mehe! Next time I wear the shirt I'll see if I can get a better photo. As far as the side view goes, I'm shy. I don't look like I have a prego belly yet. I look like I ate an entire side of beef. It's like a smooth hump from my boobs down to my pelvis.