Friday, December 23, 2011


So I accidentally rammed my belly into the corner of a cabinet today at work.  It was just one of those things, like stubbing your toe.  It happens.  But I really rammed that cabinet directly into my belly.  And it hurt.  And baby was NOT happy.  He flopped around and thumped me in the hurt area for a good 2 hours.  Not.  Happy.

Ever since then (roughly 7 hours ago) he has been so much more active than usual.  The rational part of my brain keeps telling me that baby is in essentially a water balloon and there is no way I could have hurt him.  The freak side of my brain keeps screaming "Dear GOD, now he's gonna have a flat head!"

Anyone else do something as stupid as this?  Anyone out there who can help put more weight behind the rational part of my brain?  It would be helpful.


  1. I stabbed myself in the belly with a knife while pregnant with Ev. Not on purpose, obviously, and not terribly. Just a tiny cut. Still. Yeesh.

  2. I remember that now! Yeah, I laughed back then when you told me. Now I think I would have freaked because of that irrational voice screaming "You just popped the water balloon! The world will end now!"
    Mongo is still a little more active than usual, but I would rather have super active than not active. Ya know?

  3. I tripped up some concrete steps when I was pregnant and landed square on my stomach. And I ripped the brand spanking new maternity pants I was wearing.

  4. And your daughter is obviously the cutest thing that has ever lived and is perfectly fine! Yay! Thanks. Sucks about the pants!