Saturday, December 3, 2011

What's In A Name?

For months now, even before we knew we were having a boy, the name battle has been raging on. If it had been a girl the decision would have been easy. Alexandra Anne. Done. But Mongo is a boy child and we just can't seem to reach a compromise. And believe me, we are open to suggestions! Baby needs a name. We would really like to talk to/about baby by name at this point. You know, to get used to the idea.

So far my favorite name is Simon. His favorite is Arthur. I also like Arthur, but I hate the nicknames Art or Artie with a passion. And there would be no avoiding people calling him that. Just like there was no avoiding people calling me Chrissy when I was younger. It was just an annoyance we had to put up with.

Other suggestions to this point have ranged from Hinkle to Owen. Hell, my G-ma wants us to name the baby Eino. Eino is her father's real name. His Fin name which was a secret and she didn't even know that was his real name till she decided to visit his home town in Michigan in the 80's. But Eino sounds too much like Anal the way she pronounces it. And if you know our last name. . . Well. . . Anal is a bad idea unless he is going to be staring in gay porn movies.

So yeah, open to suggestions. Please. Cause Simon Arthur is not floating the husbands boat.


  1. I vote for Simon. Or you could just name him Mongo? =p

  2. Yay! That makes yet another vote for Simon. As my mother said "dig in your heels and don't give in. If you're father had gotten his way your brother would be named Jesse James!"


  3. This is on our list for hypothetical #3, but I'll totally throw it in the ring for you guys: Tiberius nicknames: Ty or Kirk

  4. No, as previously stated Tiberius is a big no. Plus Matt has first dibs on that name. We don't like unusual names. Not so common names we are all for, but not the straight up nerd or freak names. Which is another reason why I am staying away from Arthur, it sounds too much like the kid who hangs out at the library by himself.