Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting the Itch

I love to travel.  With my job (the one I don't have anymore) it wasn't very easy to get the time to really travel much.  I would squirrel away personal days so I could take 3 day weekends to go visit friends or get away with the hubby.  And these little holidays always felt so rushed.

Today it dawned on me.  I can go somewhere.  Given, I'll have an adorable leach stuck to my hip.  But I can GO somewhere.  I'm sure Morgan would be happy to catch up on some much needed sleep without our 3am grunter next to the bed.  And yes, my car will be overloaded with 500 tons of baby crap because "I Might Need It!"  But I can GOooOoo somewhere.

I has the itch.  Think he'll cooperate?


  1. COME SEE ME! SPEND A WEEK!!! WE HAVE ALL THE THINGS YOUR BABY NEEEEEEEEEDS!!!!* Plus I feel like I haven't seen you in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages (even though it's only been since like March) and there's nothing pressing here to distract me from hanging with my bestie when IT MIGHT NOT RAIN!!

    *Disclaimer: We may not have the disposable diapers, boob sucker you currently use or orangutan-wobbling father he adores.

    1. I talked to Morgan today and he's fine with me stealing his child away across state lines for a few days. I believe his exact words were "I knew this day would come." or some such nonsense. Is June good for you? I sent a message to Beth in case her and Gage are available for a trip, but I doubt it.