Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Happy Memorial Day Indeed

Monday, yesterday, aka Memorial Day was lame.  It was a bright sunny day with an endless number of things we could have done as a family.  But no.  Morgan had spent all day Saturday with his friends and came home after midnight.  Spent most of Sunday sleeping and recuperating.  When Monday rolled around it was my turn to sleep in and Morgan was wonderful and got up at 5 to take Sam downstairs.  I got up at 7 well rested and ready to start a fun family day!  He wanted to play video games all day long.  All.  Day.  Long.  He didn't even want to fire up the grill because "It looks hot outside."

So as you can guess, I was pissy.  Grumpy.  Sad and by myself folding laundry and grumbling to myself about another 3 day weekend pissed down the drain.

Enter baby Sam and his amazing timing.  Sam to save the day!

Morgan walked into the dining room where I was folding clothes.  In his arms was a half sleepy imp.  Sam looked up and saw me.  That's when it happened.  His first full on big baby belly laugh!  I kissed his tiny nose and he did it again!  I was so happy my eyes welled up with big stupid tears.  We spent the next 20 minutes trying to get him to do it again, but baby is saving his belly laughs for special occasions.  But he did give us a few giggles.

Best Memorial Day ever!  Thank you, Sam.

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