Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sam at 10 weeks is Fun

Not that he wasn't fun before.  But right now he is getting pretty good at grabbing and swatting at his toys.  And he has an arsenal of cute coos that he breaks out all the time.  And he fixates on things with such determination that you can't help but laugh and wonder what he's thinking.

Story for you.  At his 2 month Dr visit he was happy as could be.  Cooing at the wallpaper and smiling like a fool.  Then the Dr moved his head, which broke his gaze from the zebra on the wallpaper, and all hell broke loose!  Zebra was his only friend!  He screamed with all his might and the Dr felt so bad about it.  It was hilarious.

He fixates on pretty much any black and white pattern.  Such as our couch.

Or the wrought iron decoration hanging above the couch.  We can be laughing and playing up a storm, but if he sees this thing out of the corner of his eye all play must end so he can stare at it intently.  Cause Wrought Iron is his only other friend!

He has mastered his activity mat and loves to bat the chiming animals around.  Now he's started focusing on his toys hanging above the pack n play.  Which has started to make me think he might be left handed.  

Doesn't matter which toy is on the left side, that's the one he's going to try to grab.  Every time.  My dad was left handed and I was supposed to be left handed.  Only reason I'm not left handed now is because my mom would hold down my left arm and make me do things with my right when I was a baby/toddler.

This is a really fun age, this 10th week.  He continues to be awesome.


  1. "my mom would hold down my left arm and make me do things with my right when I was a baby/toddler" *facepalm* Both of his grandmas are nuts.

    1. Yeah. I know. I fear for us all.