Sunday, November 25, 2012

9 Months

That's right, my friends.  Sam has been out of me almost as long as he was in me.  He was 38 weeks & 6 days when born.  And since they start the pregnancy week count as of the first day of your last period, subtract 2 weeks from that.  So, if you're still following me, that means he was actually 36 weeks & 6 days old.  So yes, we are right on the threshold of him being older than he was incubated.

My God, I really need to work on not rambling.

We loves him.  He is awesome in too many ways to count.  He makes me weak in the knees.  Let's jump to the meat and potatoes.

My 9 Monther is Better Than a Potato Because. . .
~ He's an expert at feeding himself things like puffs and using a sippy cup.
~ He has just figured out how to get up on his hands and knees!  Sometimes.
~ He scoots backwards.  Hey, at least he's kinda mobile.
~ He's a fabulous sleeper.  In fact, Saturday he slept in till almost 9am.  Heaven.
~ He's getting much stronger at standing, jumping, and dancing.
~ He is proving to us that he has a sense of humor.  And it's a little crazy.
~ Torticollis Update - muscles on his right side have really started to loosen up!
~ Gives wonderful hugs and smooches that melt away any bad day.
~ All the other stuff he's already been doing including:  Saying "Mama" & "Dada" to the correct person, babbles in what sounds like a sentence, banging objects together, knowing something is still there even though you have hidden it from him, etc.

I don't have weight/height stats till Tuesday.  So I'll update with those once I have them.  But I can promise you some big numbers!  I can't believe how much he has grown!

Tuesday Update - Back from the Dr's and definitely shocked!  Shocked because he hasn't grown nearly as much as I thought he had.  He's just reproportioned in a way.  He's 30" long and weighs 20 pounds 9 ounces with a 19" head circumference.  Meaning he's in the 95% for height, 50% for weight, and 97% for head size.  Long and lean.  With I cantaloupe for a head.

9 Month Owl

Love that Pud.


  1. In the second one he's totally all "Hey baby, that's some fine feathers you've got hidden away down here", then he totally makes a play, pulls her on him and tosses her aside when he's done. Typical man.

    1. "Ya know, I've always been fond of the color yellow. How would you like a little Big Bird in ya?"

      Oh God. It's happening already! Nooooooooooo!