Monday, November 5, 2012

Bon Voyage and Such

Oh, the things that have been happening.  Given, it's all been happening at a nice slow pace that I am spoiled with knowing it's November and at any other November in the past 8-10 years I would have been training seasonal hires and prepping for holiday staff meetings.  Hmmm.  Give me a moment while I read that last sentence 20 times and really let it sink in.  Life is good.

1.  Just as Sam's PT for his Torticollis has been trucking along great and his head tilt is almost completely gone, he has started something new.  Something I'll have to talk to his case worker about on Friday.  Spasms and head shaking that I don't like one bit.  I think it's a reaction to his latest stretches we've been doing, but I want to make sure of that.

2.  My cousin and his lovely wife leave in 6 days to go live in Belgium for 3 years.  Can you imagine?  Going to live in a foreign country and what an adventure that would be?  I'm wicked jealous and forced them to give detail after mind numbing detail on the entire process of finding an apartment, preparing to move across the pond, and what they didn't expect to become an issue with this process.  I can't wait for stories to start trickling back about their new life.  Rumor has it there's a pastry shop a block away from their doorstep.  Hmmm. . .Belgium pastry shop.  And I mean, come on.  LOOK at how adorable their European apartment building is!  Three floors of living space and a rooftop patio!

3.  I spent 6 hours trapped at the mall while Sears put tires on my car.  And you know what?  I didn't even care all that much.  Normally I would have been climbing the walls and shooting daggers out my eyes at the mechanics.  But not this time.  That's how stress free my life is now.  I was like, "Oh, car's not ready yet?  Well, I think there's a Lego play table in Barnes & Noble that's calling Sam's name!  Doo dee dooo!"  Recognize!

4.  Speaking once again of the kid - he's in that phase where he's only happy on his belly.  But he's also gonna complain and cry while on his belly.  So yeah, Morgan drank an entire bottle of wine Saturday night.  I ate about 30 pieces of leftover candy.  We all find comfort in our own way.

5.  I made at least 9 quarts of Vegetable Beef Soup on Sunday.  It's so damn good.  We'll be happily eating it for an entire week.  This after I made 4 quarts of Chicken Noodle Soup the week before.  Soup is good.

6.  My friend had a baby boy on Saturday!  I look forward to being able to visit and get details.  I can barely remember what a tiny newborn looks like.

7.  Sam ripped a couple keys off the laptop that we can't get back on properly.  First expensive baby damage.  Daddy is not happy.

Ok, I'm rambling.  Laters!


  1. Spasms and head shaking? Me no likie.

    1. Yeah. At least his PT lady comes tomorrow and hopefully he'll do it while she's here. If not I guess I'll be stalking him with my camera for the next two week to make sure I get it on video.