Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Huffed Candy

Let me just start by saying, I love Halloween.  I'm sure I have only mentioned this about 100 times over the past few years, but it's true.  Morgan cowers in fear of the natural high that over comes me as the sun starts to set and the Trick or Treat bowl is full and waiting by the door.  I skip about the house.  I giggle and chase him against his will.  For 4 hours I'm a full on moron.  And it's the highlight of my year.

"You right, Dad.  She weird."

On Sunday it was with a heavy heart that I drug in all the Halloween decorations before the hurricane hit.  I left out the pumpkins and the skeleton tied to the mailbox purely to see if they would still be there the next day or be relocated to Jersey.  For the most part they were right where I left them.  And on Tuesday when the power came back on I looked at the husband with a satisfied smile knowing that most likely Halloween would still be on!  

Yesterday I did a little redecorating, stuffed Pud into his owl suit, herded Morgan out to the porch, and sat on the front stoop rocking back and forth like a crackhead waiting for the little kiddies to arrive all decked out for the holiday.  We had your usual sampling of candy corn witches, Star Wars and Avengers characters, and a ton of princesses.  Best costumes we saw included a boy who made a robot suit out of cardboard boxes wrapped in tinfoil, two boys who wore boxes on their heads painted up to look like Minecraft characters, and the vampire chicken farmer.  Yes, a vampire chicken farmer.  As in, she was a vampire carrying a live chicken (named Ginger) under her arm.  That, my friends, is 5 pounds of awesome right there!

Now the best night of the year is gone.  All I have left to do is clean up.  And clean up will no doubt involve the use of a snow shovel since the warm and wet weather over the past few weeks made my once proud pumpkins turn to. . .soup.  Well, the big one at least.  That thing is nasty.

Oh, and I tried something new this year that I will definitely be doing every year from now on.  Glowing creepy orbs hanging from the tree!

A glow stick inside a water balloon shoved into white pantyhose hanging from a tree makes for a very creepy cool Halloween decoration!  I wish I could have gotten a good photo of the tree with lots of these orbs hanging from it looking all awesome in the moonlight, but I'm not that handy with a camera.  Trust me, it was super nifty.

I hope you all had a great Halloween and have just the right amount of candy leftover to go into a sugar coma this coming weekend!


  1. Hmm. I wonder if these creepy orbs would work using glow bracelets? Cus you can get a bunch of those for $1 at Target most of the year.

    1. I don't see why not. Just put 2 of them in the balloon instead of 1 since they don't give off as much light as a normal glow stick. I bought a bag of 25 midget glow sticks off Amazon pretty cheap. Only used 8 of them this year, so we're set for a while!