Thursday, November 29, 2012


The mood of baby seem to change like the wind.  We joke that Sam is manic depressive because he can go from a wailing sob to hysterical laughter in less than half a second.  This is normal, I know.  That doesn't mean it's not entertaining and odd.

Lately, I've noticed Sam has been more of a crabass than normal.  He's usually a happy and easy going person.  But now he cries at even the smallest thing that happens around him.  The puff falls off the tray and not into his mouth, the toy is far enough away that he would have to put effort into getting it, how dare I touch his foot while he's deep in thought!  etc.

On top of this, and no doubt bringing on some of this crabassitude, is the fact that he hasn't been napping well.  His long afternoon nap has instead turned to a series of little cat naps combined with anger that he is awake again.  Who knows, maybe he's teething again.

So this is me, taking deep breaths and hoping this is just a phase that he'll outgrow rather quickly.  Sorry baby, you have to put the effort into learning to do things for yourself.  I'm here to help and give hugs.  Now please pass Mommy the Tylenol.

"Don't touch my foot."

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