Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 Months Old

Yup.  It's that time of the month already.  On this chilly Tuesday morning we celebrated by going to the library for baby play time while still wearing his warm pj's.  Where we saw that ALL of the babies were still wearing their warm pj's.  So library time turned into a pajama party.  

Speaking of baby clothes, I have decided that 9 month clothing is a joke.  I bought an array of outfits in that size and less than a month later he is already growing out of most of them.  Either Sam is hitting one hell of a growth spurt or there really isn't any point to buying 9 month clothes.

What My 7 Monther Does:
Has solid food breakfast and dinner, sometimes a shared fruit snack in the afternoon with mommy.
Favorite foods - peach cobbler, mangos, prunes & apples.
Has started playing with his hands in a waving/twisting wrist motion.  He gets super excited when you mimic this hand action back to him.
Has started sleeping in a few times a week.  The latest so far is 8am!
His babbles are starting to take on a definite word sound.  The most common of which is "Daddy".
Is no closer to crawling than he was a month ago.
Continues to be a master at sitting up and drags toys closer to himself.
Is knee deep into stranger danger territory!  But as long as he can see me anyone can hold him.
Has started to show more interest in putting weight on his legs and standing.
Favorite past time is beating things.  Toys, counters, me, etc.

7 Months Owl!

"I wanna sit up!"

"Oh, hai."

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