Monday, September 10, 2012

A Week of Changes

Sometimes it feels like time kicks into overdrive and baby learns a ton of new things in a snap.  This past week was one of those weeks.

Everything can be beaten, and so everything shall be beaten.  Beaten without mercy by one Mr. Baby.

We were curious how he would react to being flipped upside down.  Turns out he LOVES it.  That's one rough and tumble little monster.

Seeing how Sam outgrew the weight limit for the bassinet of the Pack n Play at least a month ago, we did the right thing and lowered it to the floor.  He looks so far away.  He looks like a big boy.  And now that he's surrounded by all that mesh I can't hide from him anymore.

It took him all of 20 minutes to master using a sippy cup.  When it comes to food/drink, baby don't F around.

Today we had a busy day of library in the morning and Torticollis PT in the afternoon.  PT lady was extremely pleased with the progress we have made on his head tilt and core strength.  In fact he's showing a few 8 month skills developing that really shocked her.  I'm proud of Pud that he has made such great progress.  The PT again stated that she doubts we will need her help past a few more visits.  That's great, but I know I'll miss her pointing out the little things I take for granted and her telling me what that movement will lead to and so on.  It's fascinating to me.  I want to know more.

Greasy Greasy Goo Goo, please don't grow too fast.  Otherwise Mommy will have to force Daddy to knock her up again.

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