Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sensory Bag

Thank you, Pinterest.  I joined about two weeks ago and have found many things on there that are beautiful, fun, or both.  Today I found a pin about sensory bags.  A 5 minute project.

Ziplock bag, a bit of glitter, water, duct tape, and some random things I found around the house.  Random things including a couple of cat toys that the cats have not played with in years until they saw me grab them for the baby toy.

The tutorial I found suggested using hair gel, bath wash, or some other kind of liquid substance thicker than water.  It also suggested putting a drop or two of food coloring into the liquid to make it pretty. Yes, that would be rad.  But I fear for my carpet and baby blankets if this thing starts to leak.  And leak it eventually shall.  Plus it would look prettier if I had fun duct tape in a color or pattern other than gray.

But Sam doesn't care that it's not nearly as nifty as it could be.  He thinks it's awesome!  Squish it, smack it, mouth it, and scream at it!  Baby joy.

Is it leaking or is it drool?  Only time will tell.

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  1. I'm going to make you make future baby one of these.