Sunday, September 16, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

Saturday night the husband and I went to a beard competition.  Yes, a beard competition.  Meaning lots of people standing around in a bar watching the beards of others be judged for the purpose of community respect and a wee trophy.  (Plus all the money made that night went to charity.)  

Above is our friend Mike, who entered the full beard category.  Yes, category.  This is taken so seriously that there are categories to compete in.  The most amazing of which was the women's fake beard.  Fake.  Fake beard.  Awesome.

Jess, demonstrating the Awesome.

Some lady I don't know, showing the Awesome.

Another lady I don't know, living the Awesome.

It was a fun night full of fun people and fun beard jokes.  Plus my first actual drink at a bar in I think over 2 years.  So much fun that I counted this as a date night. 

Baby at sitter - check
Husband & wife alone in car - check
Dinner - check
Fun - check
Ice cream before picking up baby - check

Yup, it was a date night!


  1. I want to know where she acquired or how she made that last beard. Cus yeah.

    1. I asked her! Bendable wire form that hooked around her ears. Then she dyed poly fill and attached it to the form.