Thursday, September 20, 2012

Holy Diver

That looks scary.  It looked even scarier when he was just a tiny and screaming month old getting an EKG.  Sam had a little health concern when he was born.  Sometimes they would hear a heart murmur, sometimes they wouldn't.  We went to get it checked out shortly after he was born and they found a tiny hole in his heart.  They assured us that he would be fine and the hole would likely close up in a couple months.  The only thing this tiny hole meant, if it didn't close, was that Sam wouldn't be allowed to do any deep sea diving.  You know, 'cause that's so common a thing to want to do.

Well, today was his follow up EKG and heart ultrasound.  The hole is closed!  He still has what they call an "innocent heart murmur", but it shouldn't have any effect on what he can and can't do in his life.  

I still won't let him go deep sea diving.  'Cause I'm a mom and I worry and he will always be my squishy.


  1. Look, Marlin, you're going to have to let Nemo go out on his own some day. You can't protect him from life. He can't have any fun that way. And you know damned well that boy is going to be an underwater archaeologist now.

    1. I know. We made marine biologist jokes the whole way home. But he can be a freshwater marine biologist!