Friday, September 14, 2012

Peek a Boo

Every night this week Morgan has been at the Freemason lodge learning all those super secret (yawn) super fabulous things he has to learn.  Every night.  Which means I feel like I've been running a baby care marathon all week.  And I think next week he's doing the same thing.  Peek a Boo Daddy, who comes home to eat and then is gone again till just about bedtime.  

Really, I only think I'm this worn down because Sam hasn't been sleeping well at all.  I think he's been having bad dreams.  Not so bad that I have to cuddle him in the middle of the night.  Just bad enough that he gives one good wail or loud whimper while his eyes are still closed and then he's out again.  Sometimes he needs a paci shoved into his mouth, but not often.  But it happens every hour and a half.  Almost like clock work.  Peek a Boo, no sleep for you.

At least yesterday I got to visit a friend for half a day.  Spend some quality time with her cute, pregnant butt.  See her townhouse which has JUST been finished and is now ready for her to move in.  Drop off some unused baby loot that I hope will come in handy in a couple months when her little boy (we think) arrives.  And have a conversation or 5 that does not start with "Baa baa boo goo DAAA!"

And today I plan on playing with this little twerp as much as possible so he'll go to sleep easily at the end of the day.  Tonight Morgan is going to a Springsteen concert when he gets off work.  Which means he won't be home at all till 1 or 2am.  Another long day of solo parenting.  Peek a Boo, indeed.  Wear your adorable little ass out.

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